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Eminent domain is the power of the state or federal government including city, county, state, TIRZ and federal governmental entities as well as utility companies and other entities with the power of eminent domain to force individuals or entities to sell their private property for public use. This is often called “condemnation”. We represent individual and corporate clients against those entities protecting our clients' rights and seeking the compensation guaranteed by the Texas Constitution.

As Texas's population continues to grow, the need to build or improve basic infrastructure—such as highways, rail lines, electric lines, gas pipelines, power plants, and public buildings—will increase. Often these public projects require building on privately owned land. Both the United States and Texas Constitution guarantee “just” and “adequate” compensation for property owners, but condemners usually have a low opinion of what's fair. Further, complex procedures, special commissioners hearings and the special substantive law applicable in condemnation cases make it difficult for landowners to obtain what they are due.

If you are facing a regulatory taking, condemnation or other eminent domain action in Texas, contact the Texas eminent domain lawyers at Bain & Bain, to learn how we can help.

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