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A harmonious work environment and good relations between an employer and their employees contribute significantly to the success of any enterprise. Conversely, disputes and recurring conflicts on the job have been shown to negatively affect the productivity and overall success of any sized business over time, just as unresolved conflicts and a hostile work environment including unfair working conditions will eventually take a hefty toll on the personal lives of employees. Bain & Bain PLLC is dedicated to protecting the rights of employees and ensuring that employers create workplace environments that promote success to everyone involved.

Qualified Legal Counsel and Representation for Employment Disputes

When workplace negotiations are deadlocked however, consult with a knowledgeable and experienced employment attorney for cost effective solutions and alternative methods of resolution when litigation may not be necessary. Bain & Bain PLLC provides qualified and effective legal representation on a range of employment law issues that include:

  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Employment contracts and contract disputes
  • Drafting and review of service agreements
  • Employment insurance claims
  • Sick leave and maternity leave disputes
  • Human resources advocacy
  • Pensions and benefit disputes
  • Sexual harassment and discrimination claims
  • Human rights issues
  • Disability claims
  • Severance package assessment and negotiation
  • Qualified legal representation for litigation, arbitration, mediation or tribunal hearings

Whether you require the accurate and legal drafting of an of an employee handbook, or the legal expertise to defend your interests in court, Bain & Bain PLLC is experienced with resolving and providing experienced legal counsel for employment disputes, employee grievances and a range of other workplace legal issues.

Bain & Bain PLLC regularly provides legal counsel for contract negotiation and legal expertise for the overseeing of disciplinary proceedings, arbitration and all matters of involving workplace discrimination including sexual harassment in the workplace. If have been wrongfully dismissed, or are the victim of any form of discrimination or harassment on the job, consult with an experienced employment law attorney to help you decide on the best course of action. Consult Bain & Bain PLLC to arrange for a legal seminar or workshop at your place if business and to review and clarify employment policies, manuals and preventative programs that minimize potential litigation proceedings.

Employee Benefits and Workplace Accidents

Employees face significant personal and financial challenges when dealing with a workplace injury. The denial of disability or Social Security benefits in addition to high medical costs adds significantly to personal suffering. If you have been physically injured on the job, have suffered a loss of wages, or denied reimbursement of medical costs, Bain & Bain PLLC provides the legal expertise you need to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Consult the law office of Bain & Bain PLLC to pursue compensation for total or partial disability and review the specific details for your case for any claim involving:

  • Workmen’s Compensation
  • Social Security disability
  • Construction site accidents
  • Back Injuries
  • Occupational health hazards

A Trustworthy Employment Law Attorney

Bain & Bain PLLC carefully evaluates each case toward achieving the most cost-effective outcome in line with your workplace concerns and objectives. For affordable and timely assistance, consult with our employment law experts to discuss your questions and concerns during a complimentary consultation.

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