Houston Legal Services

Bain & Bain PLLC provides a range of legal advice and services to residents of Houston supervised by experienced lawyers. Bain & Bain PLLC student lawyers will discuss your situation with you and consult with experienced lawyers to research your problem and provide the assistance with court hearings and filing the legal documents according to your particular situation.

Bain & Bain PLLC supports the full access to qualified legal assistance for any residents of Houston who may not be able to obtain access to civil legal aid on their own. Our core mission is focused on providing for basic legal needs and pursue actions to protect individuals with specific needs in any of the following categories:

Legal Services Available to Houston Residents

Consumer Legal Issues - When facing bankruptcy, debt collection, credit and repossession, understand your rights with regard to debt. Bain & Bain PLLC provides legal documentation and legal assistance for a range of consumer law issues. Contact the Houston office to learn more.

Health and Healthcare – Access to a complete list of resources and health organizations on a range of legal issues related to health care concerns including health insurance, medical benefits and prescriptions.

Disability Legal Issues – For legal advice on disabilities in the workplace and social security benefits, Bain & Bain PLLC offers free legal advice for those living with disabilities in the Houston area.

Elder Legal Issues – Regardless of income Bain & Bain PLLC provides legal services and practical information on powers of attorney, guardianship and living wills.

Family law – Consult with Bain & Bain PLLC for advice on legal issues regarding family matters that include custody arrangements, divorce settlements and issues of domestic violence.

Housing – Contact our office for legal advice about landlord / tenant responsibilities and legal issues concerning public housing or subsidized housing and issues related to high utility costs in Houston.

Employment – Legal assistance for issues related to unemployment compensation, wages and discrimination. Bain & Bain PLLC provides legal documentation on these and many other aspects to ensure that workers understanding their rights and resolving disputes between employers and employees.

Education- Bain & Bain PLLC is dedicated to ensuring access to education and provides legal assistance for issues relating to special education, students rights and student loans.

Immigration – Understand your rights if you are stopped by the police or an immigration agent questioning you about your immigration status. Bain & Bain PLLC provides legal services related to immigration laws that address matters relating to discrimination, deportation, asylum, naturalization and citizenship in Houston.

Access to Legal Services in Houston

Bain & Bain PLLC legal services was established to provide civil legal assistance to individuals in the Houston area and is staffed by qualified lawyers and law students offering legal aid to those who cannot afford a lawyer.

We are dedicated to preparing Houston residents using a full range of legal tools, resources and practical legal advice for self-representation and may also provide you with a personal lawyer to handle your case and directly represent you in certain circumstances. Whether you have been unlawfully evicted, have been denied government benefits, experienced discrimination on the job, or are dealing with any aspect of family law, visit or call our office for qualified legal assistance and a wealth of resources and information.